Boulder 1110/1160 Pre/Power Amplifier Carved In Stone

Carved In Stone

Like so many hi-fi companies, Boulder has its roots in the pro audio industry, where founder Jeff Nelson owned a studio and built equipment for other users. Taking its name from the city where it was established, Boulder launched its first amplifier in 1984, the '500' being built tough for use in studios, and being followed by the AE – Audiophile Edition – derivative for home use.

Diversifying into the 2000 series, including a DAC as well as pre/power amps, in the mid-'90s, the company then moved its production from Superior, Colorado into Boulder itself. This gave room for expansion and a greater degree of in-house manufacturing that, with the acquisition of a full CAD system, saw the launch of the compact 800 Series in 2005. The new casework oozed 'user appeal' while the reduced footprint also made the components better suited to custom installs. It was this thinking that led to the company's first integrated amp, the 865, which condensed the 810 preamp and 860 power amp into a single chassis.

But if anyone was thinking Boulder was only about amps, in 2008 it rolled out the 1021, a combined disc/network player. Then, as the company continued to grow, in 2015 it started work on a new facility in Louisville, Colorado, designed not only as a production hub but also to enable the company to show and demonstrate its products at their best. More than 35 years on from its start, that's still where Boulder products are designed, engineered and built.

Boulder Amplifiers Inc
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