AVID Reference Four Loudspeaker Tuning Out

Tuning Out

US brand Magico has also carved a niche with its all-alloy cabinets, but controls resonances not only with comprehensive internal bracing, but by using a type of constrained layer damping. Here a very 'lossy' polymer layer is sandwiched between alloy panels, or a brace and panel, to convert and 'lose' vibration more effectively to heat. AVID, instead, tackles the issue of unwanted cabinet resonances at source – the drivers themselves.


Specifically, it has adapted a well-known engineering principle called 'tuned mass damping', in which specifically dimensioned and positioned masses act to suppress resonance. The 'mass' is seen here in action [red, inset pic] clamped to the bass/mid driver magnet via two decoupled risers. You can just see the decoupling elements in green. Incidentally, a similar technique is used on a grand scale to protect high rise buildings in earthquake zones! PM

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