Aurender A30 Digital Music Player Better Metadata

Better Metadata

Switch from 'physical media' to computer stored music, and you enter the shady world of metadata – inaudible extra information that enables a player, and thus its user, to navigate a library of music and enjoy additional information about what's being played. How music is tagged, and how the player handles those tags, can make or break the listening experience, even down to the way a specific player interacts with data offered up by a particular UPnP server package.



Aurender handles this by having its own 'Smart Tag Editor' built into the A30, letting the user dive into the metadata and tidy things up. You can alter tags for artist, genre, composer and conductor for a whole album, or just a single track, just by clicking the information on the Conductor app. You can also edit artwork, designating front and back covers, or changing the picture. The system will search the Internet for a cover image for you, or you can even snap the album cover with the camera on the device running the app, and then use that picture instead.

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