Auralic Aries G1.1 Music Library/Server Like Lightning

Like Lightning

Although it's possible to access and set up the Aries G1.1 using a web browser on a computer, and playback can be managed via an OpenHome-compatible app such as Bubble DS or Kinsky, by far the best way to enjoy this music library/streamer is via the Lightning DS app running on an (Apple-only) smartphone or tablet. The app and the Lightning OS powering the Aries are so interconnected that everything from detailed hardware/software configuration, and navigating and playing music is super-smooth.


As well as basic operation it offers up- or downsampling of individual file formats to suit your connected DAC's capabilities; a choice of four digital filters; a multi-band equaliser; and even includes adjustments to compensate for the position of your speakers. Here, too, you can switch between fixed and variable analogue output, and activate or bypass streaming services (and Roon). The app also seamlessly integrates streaming services as well as music on network or USB storage. Better still, the Aries G1.1 can be fitted with its own internal drive making it quick and easy to select your listening. Indexing of even large NAS-based music libraries is fast, logical and accurate, and the Lightning DS app offers a clear, attractive interface for music playback. It's a major part of the Aries G1.1's appeal.

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