Aqua LinQ Network Bridge Custom Digital

Custom Digital

There is very little indeed that's 'off-the-shelf' within the LinQ even if its lack of a USB output, proprietary or otherwise, remains something of a puzzle. In practice, the LinQ is based on a series of completely independent modules, each optimised for a particular function. In addition to the Roon Ready bridge module and UPnP DLNA streaming module there's also an HQ Player NAA solution in development. Each module has its own dedicated power supply and plugs into a connector on the base board, this architecture also enabling swap-out upgrades in the future.


The current modules are based around TI's AM335x Arm/Cortex processor running proprietary UNIX code and a custom Linux kernel for the Ethernet stream. The modules boot swiftly, assigning the router/modem DHCP IP within seconds. There's also a Xilinx FPGA for the clock and digital routing, with further proprietary code developed to implement the S/PDIF, AES/EBU and dual-AES outputs. Finally, the communication lines between each module are galvanically isolated, with further separation afforded by the internal LAN switch module, developed by Aqua. Indeed, Aqua claims the use of this built-in LAN switch is key to obtaining the best sound out of the LinQ. PM

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