Affordable Audiophile Amp Also In HFN This Month

Also In HFN This Month In 1984

Hi-Fi Writers
What do readers really want from reviewers? John Seabury goes in search of answers.

Beethoven And The Blues
Peter Turner takes time out to delve into the catalogue of British enthusiast record company Saydisc.

Automated Broadcasting
What's this? A radio station able to dispense with live broadcasters? Robert Follis reports from Tokyo...

Bryden Thomson
Andrew Keener in discussion with the Scottish conductor.

Going For Gold
Ken Kessler considers the Ortofon SPU Gold pick-up, direct descendant of the original SPU.

Driving The M10
Alvin Gold takes Meridian's awesome top-line active loudspeaker for a spin.

Digital Processor
Martin Colloms passes a critical ear over the Sony PCM 701ES.

Four High-End MC Pick-Ups
Martin Colloms compares the van den Hul (EMT) MC-1, Kiseki Purple Heart, Audio-Technica AT37E and Koetsu Red.