Till Bronner : The Good Life


96kHz/24-bit, FLAC; Masterworks 88875187202 (supplied by www.highresaudio.com)

This set by German trumpeter and vocalist Till Brönner will neither set the world alight nor challenge any jazz preconceptions, as it’s very much on the safe ground some hundreds of metres back from the cutting edge. If that’s damning with faint praise, so be it: this is a selection of familiar standards covered with a combination of breathy brass and easygoing vocals, set against assured accompaniment and fine production. Brönner’s keen musicianship is matched by pianist Larry Goldings, guitarist Anthony Wilson, John Clayton on bass and drummer Jeff Hamilton, and the whole thing was produced at LA’s Ocean Way by Ruud Jacobs, creating a flawlessly easy sound to match the album’s subtitle, ‘Music for Peaceful Moments’. It may well be a bit too formulaic for some ears – so high marks for technical, if notched down a little on artistic, presentation. AE

Sound Quality: 85%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

While the peaks of trumpet and piano sail very close to the 0dBFs endstops, all the instrumental accompaniment looks to be recorded at 96kHz. The vocal track of the mix, however, shows signs of upsampling/aliasing [green trace]. PM