Piano Concertos 1-3; Concert Fantasia, Stephen Hough, Minnesota SO/Osmo Vanskazz - Hyperion CDA67711/12 (two discs - sleeved with catalogue)

In 1988/9 former HFN writer Andrew Keener produced the Peter Donohoe recordings for EMI – Nigel Kennedy/Steven Isserlis, no less, in 2(ii). He’s worked with Stephen Hough since his Virgin Classics debut and these Minnesota recordings form Hyperion’s 50th set in its ‘Romantic Piano Concerto’ series. We have the full length slow movement for No.2, but also the disparaged Siloti cut edition and another of the pianist’s own devising. Hough also plays two brief song transcriptions. His virtuosity here is breathtaking, especially in the way he throws off cascading velocities at the ends of Concertos 1 and 2. Poetry and repose too… Vänskä’s support is equally wholehearted.

Sound Quality: 95%