Nils Landgren : Funky Abba


96kHz/24-bit FLAC/ALAC*, ACT 9430-2 (supplied by

This is not some random attack on ABBA’s canon; Landgren is Swedish, he played horn on Voulez Vous and has been friends ever since with Benny Andersson, who gave this project his blessing and plays piano on ‘When All Is Said And Done’. Plus this was recorded in Polar Studio A – ‘it’s in the walls’. Besides, many tracks barely nod to the originals, retaining only a few lyrics while transfunking the chords into new territory. ‘Money Money Money’ and many others gain tight rap sequences; the verses of ‘Thank You For The Music’ are thrillingly re-souled (though nothing could save the choruses). Landgren’s funk band is quite superb, from his big red horn down through fat synth sounds and creamy keyboards to Steely-tight backing vocals. Fine files of fun, albeit upsampled, leaving only the question of whether you can bear the shame of being caught playing it. JF

Sound Quality: 80%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

With the major ‘hi-res’ websites getting a better grip of their quality control, what some forum communities berate as ‘fake files’ are becoming rarer. This one slipped through the net, however – it looks like a 96kHz upsample of a 44.1kHz file. PM