Monkey House : Left


192kHz/24-bit, FLAC*; Alma Records ACD52762 (supplied by

Coming to this album with no knowledge of who or what Monkey House were, I played it through the first time with a nagging feeling that it sounded very familiar – or at least very like something familiar. Reading a little of the background cemented that feeling: this set led by Canadian singer/songwriter/producer Don Breithaupt has definite overtones of ‘the album Steely Dan never made’, from its brass arrangements and backing vocals to the sound of the guitars. This is hardly surprising as guitarists Elliott Randall and Drew Zingg are both part of the current Dan line-up, and trumpeter Michael Leonhart their current musical director. Recorded at Toronto’s Drive Shed studios, this set may not be as musically inventive as prime Dan, but the sound is big, lush and constantly interesting – and that’s not just for those nods and hints along the way. AE

Sound Quality: 80%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

While this file will light the 192kHz LED on your DAC, it behaves like an upsampled 96kHz file complete with sampling artefacts at 76-96kHz. Much of the post-20kHz energy looks like in-line distortion from amps/limiters etc. PM