John Coltrane : My Favorite Things


96KHZ & 192KHZ/24-BIT FLAC, Warner Music Group (supplied by

The severe stereo delivery of this 1960 recording (drums and piano hard left, bass and Coltrane hard right) prevents a natural soundstage here, but arguably preserves a channel-separated clarity through which Coltrane’s post-Miles quartet can deliver its early modal exploratory of two Gershwins, one Cole Porter, and that unlikely choice of kitten-friendly ‘Sound Of Music’ title tune which yielded an (edited) hit for the group. While this version of the quartet featured Steve Davis on bass prior to the long-term arrival of Jimmy Garrison, it still points a path towards ‘A Love Supreme’, being loaded with Elvin Jones’ free-flowing drumming and McCoy Tyner’s percussive piano comping plus extended solos, given generous space by Coltrane, who sits out a full five minutes of the title track while making his first recorded outing on soprano sax. Marvellous stuff. JF

Sound Quality: 90%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

The graph above shows the 96kHz digitisation of this vintage recording (a 192kHz rendering would not capture any more useful information). Analogue tape noise is obvious as is the limited range. Note the spuriae at ~30kHz. PM