Flagship 'phone from A-T

Priced £3000, the new ATH-AWKG headphone from Audio-Technica features over-ear housings made from Japanese Kurogaki wood, giving each model a unique finish. The material, here lacquer-coated, is also said to help define the performance of A-T’s latest flagship, which features ‘exclusive’ 53mm drivers back by permendur-based magnets and OFC voice-coils.

The closed-back capsules, meanwhile, incorporate separate acoustic chambers – Audio-Technica’s ‘Double Air Damping System’ – to fine-tune bass performance. Claimed sensitivity is 102dB/1mW.

The ATH-AWKG’s arms are made from magnesium alloy, and the headband and earpads are sheepskin. Hand-built in Japan, the headphone ships in a Kurogaki storage box and comes supplied with 6.35mm and 4-pin XLR-M fabric-braided 3m cables, plus an additional set of earpads from specialist brand ZMF.

Audio-Technica Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, 0113 277 1441;