Duo Fukui Jallu : Ars Moderna


88.2kHz/24-bit, FLAC; Klarthe 3149028106626 (supplied by www.highresaudio.com)

Those of the view that audiophiles only like obscure and ‘plinky-plonky’ music, of the kind no-one would actually sit down to listen to for pleasure, are going to have a field day with the title of this one, but behind the ‘lost in translation’ is a truly lovely album. In contrast to our other squeezebox offering this month on p95 (and there’s a phrase I never thought I’d find myself writing!), this album is of tango pieces associated with guitarist Roberto Grela, and beautifully played by Louise Jallu on bandoneon together with acclaimed Japanese guitarist Hiroki Fukui. It’s a delightfully simple set, treated to a wonderfully intimate recording, combining crispness and warmth to winning effect. And boy, can these two play, with an easy rapport and that sense of firing off each other that’s the sign of true musicianship. Quite gorgeous, really... AE

Sound Quality: 90%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

Recorded at a DSD-friendly 88.2kHz (but not released on SACD), the ~40kHz resp. of this rendering is sufficient to capture the bandoneon’s 25-30kHz range. There are few signs of overload and very slight spuriae, but otherwise this is clean. PM