Audiophile: Vinyl, June 2020

hfnalbum.png7Ray With Triple Ace
Jazzy Zoetrope
Pro-Ject Records PJR001 (two 180g vinyl LPs)

Pro-Ject's Heinz Lichtenegger always puts his money where his mouth is, and his long-promised record label (perfect for feeding the turntables he makes) kicks off with a stunner. This is a jazz feast, one LP recorded in the studio, the other live, Heinz wanting to showcase the best of analogue. The music is a super-cool, velvety-voiced collection of standards, including 'Nature Boy', 'A Foggy Day', 'One For My Baby' and 14 other tracks, with four of the songs appearing both live and in the studio for comparison. The results are exactly what you would expect of a music project [groan…] helmed by a militant audiophile such as Lichtenegger. This will also be offered on open-reel tape! KK


Live 1970
Inner Space ISP2LPC2200 2LPs silver-coloured vinyl

Is it now politically incorrect to call this 'Krautrock'? You know the genre: that Teutonic take on prog-rock designed to tax your tweeters and woofers. But if that's your poison, you will wallow in this one, recorded live in Nov '70 for broadcast – and the sound is mighty fine – for the TV show Karussell für di Jugend. Dazzling musicianship, eclecticism enough to induce schizophrenia, Can-teens, or whatever you call the fans of Holger Czukay & Co, will recognise this concert as occurring during the sessions for their much-praised second LP, Tago Mago – three of the eight songs, including a magnificent 'Oh Yeah', come from that album. KK


Iron Butterfly
Mobile Fidelity MFSL1-386 180g vinyl

Once regarded as the dumbest heavy metal song of all time, this album's title track is an organ-driven, riff-laden anthem from 1968, all 17m of it, which served as the soundtrack to many a psychedelic 'psession'. Goodness me, was it really over a half-century ago? Now it sounds quaint and repetitious, but it still exhibits a weird majesty that I find irresistible, even if my drug of choice is a statin. If you were wondering, the dumb neologism is due to the band being so stoned when they recorded it that they couldn't pronounce the planned title 'In The Garden Of Eden'. Been there, done that… Fun if you're the sort who can sit through El Topo. KK


Rolling Stones
Let It Bleed 50th Anniversary Edition Super Deluxe
ABKCO 8578-1 (part mono; two 180g LPs + two SACDs + 7in single)

Let's dispense with the good news: if you approve of the remastering of classic rock albums which let you hear more, eg, Abbey Road or The Band's Music From Big Pink, then you will love what the genius Bob Ludwig achieved here. It is without question one of the band's finest albums – my personal fave – and the sound, in mono and stereo, on both LP and SACD, is exceptional. But do not buy this set; opt for the individual titles in your choice of format. Here's a massive box, with book, souvenirs, etc, but, unlike The Beatles' anniversary reissues, your expenditure is not rewarded with any bonus material. Not one track. At around £95, it's disappointing. KK