Audiophile: Vinyl, February 2023

hfnalbum.pngThe Eagles
On The Border/One Of These Nights
Mobile Fidelity UD1S 2-026 and UD1S 2-027 (two One-Step 45rpm LPs)

MoFi's 'One-Stepification' of The Eagles canon arrives at their 3rd and 4th LPs. It was a toss-up between showing the artwork for On The Border (1974) or One Of These Nights (1975) but the latter is my fave. Impressive from the outset is the sound of the bottom end, not least providing insight into Randy Meisner's sublime bass, though he's since been overshadowed by the equally talented Timothy B Schmit (both ex-Poco). For me, these possess The Eagles' finest lineups, much as I admire Schmit and Joe Walsh. 'Already Gone', 'Best Of My Love', 'Lyin' Eyes', 'Take It To The Limit': Left Coast country rock at its pinnacle. I can't wait to hear what MoFi does with Hotel California or The Long Run. KK


Kenny Dorham
Impex IMP6042 (180g vinyl)

A month rich with near-forgotten artists: the ill-fated Dorham, who died exactly 50 years ago at 48, was a trumpeter connoisseurs of bebop praise in tones reserved for the legends he accompanied, from Monk to Rollins to Roach. I was lucky enough to hear him with Roach in 1967, and this masterpiece from 1962 reminds me I was blessed. The A-side comprises the title track and Jackie McLean's three-part 'Melanie', McLean present throughout, while the B-side features smooth interpretations of material such as Chaplin's 'Smile'. Nearly as dazzling as any classic from Miles (though I suspect SH would think me insane), while the sound is up there with Kind Of Blue. KK


Daryl Hall & John Oates
Do It For Love
BMG BMGCAT729DLP (two 45rpm LPs)

Intriguing: the vinyl release of a Noughties album previously only issued on CD. Dating from 2002 and signalling a comeback, this was Hall & Oates' return to their earlier blue-eyed soul sound rather than pop-based hits, and the quality is undeniable: smooth, warm, engaging, and mainly acoustic. For the first-ever LP edition, BMG has opted for placing the 14 tracks on two 45rpm LPs, and the sound – mastering courtesy of Bob Ludwig – is superb. Was it originally a digital recording? Given its recording dates, and work in both the USA and London that's likely, but who knows? Or cares? This is simply an overlooked gem. Also reissued as a gatefold CD: BMGCAT729CD. KK


The Harlots Of 42nd St.
Refuse To Be Misused
Sundazed LP5607 (pink vinyl)

One of two previously lost bodies of work this month (see The 8th Wonders), this ten-track set will delight all who loved '70s glam metal, as sired by The New York Dolls. Though hardly known outside of NYC, the Harlots acquired a reputation for greatness based on one single, earning legendary status when praised by the Dolls' David Johansen. It's here plus eight unissued tracks, and all you can think is, what a loss! This band was sensational in the studio, hard rocking with ace melodies – one can only imagine what they did on stage at CBGBs or Max's Kansas City. The tale is told in a 28-page magazine, 1970s-fanzine style. What a find! KK