Ariel Pocock : Living In Twilight


96Hz/24-bit, FLAC; Just In Time Records 68944026128 (supplied by

There’s a beguiling immature quality in Ariel Pocock’s voice – she’s in her mid-twenties but sounds much younger – that contrasts with the sophistication of her musical arrangements and the band backing her on this recording. Her vocalisations evoke a sweet innocence that older jazz singers can’t and shouldn’t try to imitate. The title track comes off almost like a college girl’s improvisation-on-the-spot – a really good one that succeeds so well it surprises even its creator. Amusingly, she tackles more than she can handle with Cole Porter’s ‘So In Love’, but it’s a valiant attempt, and the extended instrumental break is wonderful. As with Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’, she understands the lyrics, but lacks the experience to fully interpret them. Pocock is immensely talented, and this is a charming recording. One wonders how she’ll sound after a few more laps around the block. BW

Sound Quality: 90%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

Recorded in Montréal this is a genuine 96kHz rendering. Ariel Pocock’s piano and vocal feeds are clean and low in noise, but there are some discrete spectral lines in and out of the audioband associated with the percussion feed. PM