Alexandre Kantorow : Liszt: Piano Concertos, Malediction


96kHz/24-bit FLAC, BIS BIS-2100 (supplied by

As a violinist on the Denon label, Jean-Jacques Kantorow’s CDs were invariably well received in HFN/RR. Then he took up conducting and has amassed a considerable discography with his Finnish orchestra. This is the remarkable concerto debut recording with his son Alexandre [see video here]. He’s an astonishing pianist, only 17 when these sessions were completed last November. It’s not just his utterly fluent and accurate fingerwork that impresses, but his quicksilver responses to Liszt’s abrupt changes from sentiment to red-blooded swagger. And the Steinway D is equally imposing in this explicitly balanced production  by Jens Braun. If the Richter/Philips set the benchmark, this BIS alternative is no less engaging. Malédiction (piano/strings) makes a fine bonus. CB

Sound Quality: 95%

Hi-Fi News Lab Report

Offered here in its original 96kHz/24-bit recorded format, this recent BIS download shows full use of the available ~45kHz bandwidth and with good dynamic range too. Only a hint of clipping with the loudest brass. PM